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New Year’s Eve Party Strategies

Many celebrations, a lot of joy, a lot of food, a lot of drink, this is the month of December. All concerned about not getting weight on consciousness in the end and especially not getting fat. But then it’s time to go back to normal routine and shed those extra pounds and even give your body a rest after all the binge eating.

Take a look at the tips that help reduce body damage and help the body get back to its normal weight.

Lemon Water – The first step is to help your body detoxify, so start your day with 1 glass of pure water + 1 squeezed lemon. This simple attitude greatly contributes to the cleansing of the liver.

Enough Water – Drink water all day long (35 to 40ml x your current weight). While at least 1.5l is water even the rest distribute in teas. Avoid fruit juices these days.

Teas – Invest in teas throughout the week: dandelion, horsetail, green tea, hibiscus. They are an excellent source of bioactive compounds such as flavonoids that help in the cleaning process.

Remove – In recent days you have probably consumed a lot of sugar, flour, alcohol, fat, etc. Now it is no use just wanting to drink green juice and not remove what weighs our metabolism. It’s time to give the body rest! Then for the next 7 days remove the above foods and also red meat, gluten, sausages, salt, ready spices, additives, colors, preservatives, sweeteners, refined cereals. These are able to alter the body’s pH, leaving it very acidic and hence more prone to ignite the body and accumulate fat.

Include Daily – Some foods help control the body’s ph and detoxify. Do not miss: celery, asparagus, kale, lemon, coconut water, flax seed, chia, green and hibiscus teas, melon, broccoli, garlic, cauliflower, lettuce, apple, pear, some spices such as: ginger, curry , cinnamon, the aromatic herbs. They remove toxins from the body through urine and the proper functioning of the liver. They are usually diuretics and liver protectors.

With these tips is a great time to start a food change. After your cleansing week, continue to experiment with these attitudes and allow yourself to eat what you like less often and you will reap good health and body.

Now my advice is for next year, allow yourself no exaggeration, enjoy the company, take the focus off the food and follow these three basic tips for partying without so much negative effect.

Pre and post party, eat lighter meals with more vegetables and drink plenty of water. Avoid the consumption of animal protein.

Bet on iced teas or flavored waters (water + fruit pieces / lemon / ginger / etc). In addition to decorating the party table, they are softer, moisturize and already contributes to the body.

It does not mend two days of alcohol, the body needs to detoxify the next day and if there is a new intake of alcohol, the elimination process will be compromised, increasing bloating, headache and drowsiness. Have a glass of green juice the next day.

Example of a detoxifying day.

Fasting lemon water 20 min later

Meal 1

Papaya with flour mix (chia + flaxseed + oatmeal or amaranth) + a glass of green juice 

Meal 2

One fruit (preferably organic) + one dessert spoon of pumpkin seed or Brazil nuts or walnuts or baru.

Meal 3

Detox vegetables: Watercress, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cauliflower, mustard, turnip, radish, horseradish, cabbage, arugula. This food group is rich in organic sulfur, which is very useful in the detoxification process. 

Salad Seasoning: One tablespoon of flaxseed oil or extra virgin olive oil first cold press Lemon or apple cider vinegar.

Legumes (choose one) cooked peas, chickpeas, cooked lentils

Protein (choose one option) fish fillet, eggs or chicken breast.

Meal 4

One banana + one teaspoon of cinnamon + one dessert spoon of chia

Meal 5

Vegetable soups or salad with vegetable detox + a serving of protein (fish or egg whites or chicken breast).

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