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3 Styles You’ll Want to Adopt When Summer Comes

The days are cold, but here we keep thinking about the hottest half of the year to come. You may have seen some of the trends that are going to spring and summer, but do you know which styles will feel most represented in the fashion of the new season? Check out our tips for adopting the pieces that suit you best!

We can’t wait for summer to get here. It’s just in the heat that fashion looks get even more interesting and people are happier and more enthusiastic about getting dressed. We’ve been eyeing the street style choices that came up in European fashion weeks for a while now . And with so much observation, you can already infer what will be here when temperatures start to rise. Check out the favorite styles from next season.


We have often spoken here that fashion is looking to the past, especially for some of the more recent decades, such as the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s. They come from the 80s, so some of the most interesting trends of the season . Oversized suits, for example, were hit in the decade, as were ballooning and puffing sleeves. Despite the different styles, these looks bring together an aspect of extravagance and even sensuality in the productions, which bring belly to the shoulders, marked shoulders and very short lengths! It is a more rigid sensuality that exudes power.


It’s been a while since fashion has reinvented the ways of being glamorous. If haute couture and logomania have reigned, new cultures such as street style, sneaker ode, and luxury sports are dominating today’s tasteful concepts. In addition, utilitarian elements are on the rise, and appear through pieces such as fanny pack, parka and cargo pants, for example. The trend is not exactly new, but it remains on the rise and has revolutionized the ways of being fashionable in fashion.


On the other hand, fashion has been rescuing old ways of being feminine and repaginating in another way. As a response to this sport avalanche that seems to have buried any other possible styles within the diversity of fashion. The girlie look with floral dresses, medium or long lengths, ruffles, puffed sleeves and marked waist brings other airs for those who can no longer stand the era of ugly shoes and controversial trends. The cool thing is that these styles, which seem to be opposite, can all come together in one look, if it has to do with the personality of the wearer. Check out our gallery for ways to use the trends of the moment and get inspired to bring out your most fashionable side.

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